Hospital Hospitality  – Best forgotten memories

A hilarious record in pictures and captions of the not so funny experiences of doctor visits, diagnoses, hospital stays, operation and miraculously recovery.

Lalla T. is nurse by profession, has attended the sick. As a result of an accident, she also became a patient, and thus has a view of hospitals and their personnel from both ends of the needle.

In addition, she is a talented artist who can capture in a few lines the agony, the trepidation and the relief experience by anyone who has had to spend any time in a hospital. Her book will help heal the sick, relieve the relatives, and remind the providers that the patient is the focus of their days and nights.

This is a book for anyone who has been ill. Their relatives and friends, health workers, medical students and especially those who have never been hospitalized.

Rivercross Publishing, Orlando USA. ISBN 1-58141-009-3