BODY QUAKE – A fairy Tale About Surviving Pain

Chronicles the experiences of a sufferer of chronic back problems. Told from the perspective of an inhabitant of her body. Nisse, this account of trials and tribulations escapes into the happy realm of humor.

The fellow sufferers, this book will help them to cope with the agony of chronic pain, and it will enable those who live with sufferers to appreciate what it is like to live with pain on a daily basis.

The author has brilliantly captured a fantastical, humorous approach to something that is not generally thought of as being funny, but being able to laugh at a predicament is halfway to conquering it. Life may have been a swine to Lalla, but out of her pain she has produced a pearl, a pearl which she casts before the world in this book.

Minerva Press Atlanta, London, Sydney. ISBN 0-75410-511-3